DJAMEL TAMPA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER On Location Wedding Photography serving Tampa,Clearwater, Orlando, Sarasota, Naples in Florida and the world. Elected as one of best photographers in Florida by the Florida Magazine Association


Djamel Ramoul is an award winning Tampa wedding photographer who now lives in the southern Florida region. As a native of the beautiful country of France, he moved to the U.S to begin his editorial photography career as he travelled through New York and California. After spending significant time in each state as s professional magazine and newspaper photographer, he moved to Florida to begin his career as a Miami wedding photographer

Djamel is also an Orlando wedding photographer and has been honored with many awards, including Florida Magazine’s  Association Photographer of the Year awards, best black and white photograph, best color photograph, and more. His passion, however, is wedding photography.

Let’s take a look at what Djamel says about his passion for shooting weddings:

 "To me, wedding photography is a fine balance between documenting and actively extracting feelings and emotions to get the most enthusiasm from your special day. At times, I enjoy being more involved in order to create classic, elegant, and fun poses for your family and entourage.

I capture your day from the beginning to the end, photographing the entire event. This includes preparations, getting dressed, portraits, the ceremony and the reception."

DJ considers it one of his main talents to be able to put people at ease and allow them to relax before the camera. His obvious passion for wedding photography in Orlando and the surrounding 

Wherever you choose to hold your wedding ceremony Djamel will evoke the beauty, romance, and happiness of your big day.

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-Djamel E. Ramoul *

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Recent Awards
Gold Charlie Best Photo Essay: Haiti: Portrait Of Hope 2010
Silver Charlie Best Magazine Cover 2010
Gold Addy Best Color Photograph 2009
Silver Charlie Best Color Photograph 2009
Gold Charlie Best Color Photo 2008
Gold Charlie Best Cover 2008
Gold Charlie Best use of Photography 2008
Gold Charlie Best photo essay 2007
Gold Charlie Best photo essay 2006
Silver Charlie Best color photo 2006
Florida Magazine Association Photographer of the Year 2005
Gold Charlie Best Black and White Photography 2004
Silver Charlie Best Photo Essay 2004
Gold Charlie Best Photo Illustration 2004
Gold Addies, Advertising Photography 2005
Florida Magazine Association Photographer of the Year 2003
Gold Charlie Best Color Photography 2003