Assisting in planning a same sex wedding is something I, as a same sex wedding photographer, am unbelievably proud to be a part of. Back in January 6th, 2015, same sex marriage became legal in Florida, I remember that day like it was yesterday, we were a few hundreds people , gay and gay supporters gathered by Hillsborough County Courthouse to celebration this amazing step forward in our country.  So you Know, since 2008, I have been a proud and active member of the Human Rights Campaign, I cannot express  how exciting it is to be able to offer same sex wedding photography in Tampa, Miami, and Orlando. Anything I offer as weeding photographer is available to any one regardless  of sexual orientation,  skin color or gender identity.  My  wedding photography collections are applicable to same sex weddings and each package is designed to bring out the most amazing moments and exciting times during your wedding day as well as engagement and portraits sessions. As a wedding  photographer, I love bringing a more editorial look into amazing personal wedding ceremonies, and the same holds true for my same sex wedding photography.

While working as a wedding photographer, I had the privilege to photograph gay, lesbian weddings,  same sex weddings,  same sex engagement sessions. If you are a same sex couple and you are looking for a wedding photographer to photograph your wedding in Florida or anywhere else, be assured that I will be happy and honored to be working with you.

Also forgive me for using the terms  “same-sex weddings” or “gay weddings.”  it is only for SEO purpose , I believe that we did not fight for this to be awards what could be condidered as “special rights”,  but so that we can be free to marry who we love just like any other citizen is this country.

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